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Introducing our new mobile scrolling billboard advertising service in South Florida

Turn pesky South Florida traffic jams into opportunities for increasing brand awareness or lead generators



Where does Ad Box operate? . . .

Ad Box currently operates in South Florida.

How does Ad Box work? . . .

Our Ad Box truck drives around South Florida, and a new ad scrolls down every 15 seconds. Ad Box features a maximum of 15 different customer ads at any given time. We max out at 15 as this guarantees you will reach your target audience in your specific target location. When it gets dark, LED’s illuminate Ad Box bringing your ads to life.

What is the display area of the ads? . . .

x2 - 10 FT x 5 FT Sides
x1 - 5 FT x 5 FT - Back

Who should use this Ad Box service? . . .

Anyone! Use it in connection with other media such as print or alone to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness or generate new leads.

How much does running my ad on the Ad Box truck cost? . . .

Please contact us for pricing.

Can I run my ad for a week? . . .

Ad Box subscriptions are based on monthly intervals

I don’t have print ready artwork for my ad, can you design it for me?? . . .

Yes, our in house designers can create a design based on your guidelines.

GPS live tracking with Samsara

Want to know where Ad Box is? We have you covered, with Samsara you can track where Ad Box is displaying your ads in real time.