Artwork Guidelines



Bleed is the zone outside of the trim area. Elements that extend into the edge of the print product must extend pass the bleed area beyond the trim edge.



Trim is where the print area will be cut. Because it is very difficult to print exactly on the edge of the print product, it is necessary to print onto the bleed area and then trim the print product to the required final size



Artwork resolution for print products such as business cards, brochures/flyers, sell sheets, presentation folders, and postcards must be submitted in 300 DPI. Large format print products must be submitted in 72 DPI. Formats accepted include PDF, EPS, TIFF and high resolution JPG. All fonts must be outlined if working with vector files.



All artwork should be in CMYK color format. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). Please keep in mind that there will always be a slight color shift in printed products as not all colors can be accurately produced using a 4 color printing process.